Hacking Instagram Passwords: Free Tools That Can Help You Crack a Password

Hack Your Instagram Account Of Yours

With over 800 million monthly active users, the photo-sharing social networking site Instagram is an attractive target for hackers. One security research company, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., reports that it has found more than 20 vulnerabilities in the mobile version of the app.

The problem of hacking into someone’s Instagram account has increased at a rapid rate. This is caused by Instagram’s popularity and the ease with which hackers can get hold of their passwords.

Why Instagram is a Target for Hackers?

Facebook, which owns Instagram, has also introduced a slew of features to increase its popularity. Instagram recently introduced a new feature to track the daily number of time spent in the app. This also revealed how much time a user spends on the app, which could be another reason why Instagram is being targeted and a Instagram password cracker tool found:

Following the discovery of the security flaw, Check Point investigated their website. This tool allows anyone to take a snapshot of a website and display it online.

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  • First of all, a lot of people have Instagram accounts but they have weak, default, easy to guess passwords that are readily available on the internet. Hackers know that there are millions of Instagram users and they would be able to easily find more accounts by just scanning through people’s names.
  • Secondly, the photo-sharing site is growing in popularity. People are now more interested in sharing photos and stories about their lives. This means that Instagram has more people logging in to the site.
  • Thirdly, people keep changing their passwords at the same time. A similar feature is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social networks.

Instagram password cracker

What You Should Do to Protect Yourself?

If you are worried about your Instagram account being hacked, there are some steps you can take:

  1. Change Your Instagram Password Instagram offers two ways to get a new Instagram account password: If you aren’t signed up to Instagram’s social network, you can do this by opening your Instagram account.

Click the profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen, click Settings, select Account, and click the button to Change Password.

  1. If you are already signed up to Instagram and you’ve forgotten your password, you can get your old password reset by following these steps: Click on your profile icon, and then click Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you can find your profile URL. Enter your username and password into this form, or follow the prompts to do so.

Free Tools That Helps You as Instagram Password Cracker:

  1. No longer are they using all-numeric combinations: Today, most people are using a mixture of letters and numbers to come up with a password. Unfortunately, this gives the hacker an idea of what the system is and what the password is, enabling them to crack it with ease.
  1. How to Keep Your Instagram Account Secure: To avoid this, it is important to remember some important tips. Here are the top four tips that will help you keep your Instagram account safe.
  1. Enable Two-Factor Authentication: Instagram already has a way to secure your account. It is called two-factor authentication. This is a security feature that requires the user to verify that he is who he claims to be by sending a special code that must be sent to them to access their account.


With Instagram taking place on a popular mobile platform, many people are the habit of sharing their passwords via Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. However, this opens up the risk of having their accounts hacked in a few minutes. This is why it is best to have a complex set of passwords for each website. You should also set up two-factor authentication if possible.

One of the biggest reasons why Instagram is a favorite of hackers is the fact that it lets users make private and public posts. Users are not required to log in for every single post and can delete posts at any time.