3 Steps You Can Take to reduce Your Taxes

There are very few people in the world that can truthfully say that they never fudge in their income tax return filing. Taxes of any kind are the necessary evils that you have to pay to the government in order for the government to function properly. You know that it is criminal to deny the government the tax money that indirectly benefits you by means of the infrastructure and various services provided by the government. Still when you look at those large figures in the tax column burning big holes in your income, you become exasperated.

The good news is that there are many ways to manage your income in such a way that you can to pay less taxes, legitimately. There are many accounting firms available who can help you with your tax preparation, bookkeeping, accounting and other financial needs. Before contacting such specialists, you will probably do well to understand some of these concepts yourself. Let us take a look at 3 such areas, which will benefit you most for your tax planning.

Tax preparation

Organization is the first step in tax preparation and tax savings. Tax preparation includes learning how much tax you have to pay and file your tax returns on time. This simple task of organizing your taxes may become quite complicated if you do not keep abreast with the latest taxation laws. The modern tax regulations are very complex and you can miss out on a tax benefit if you are unaware of an exemption law. Similarly, you can be penalized if you do not file tax returns for something, you do not know to be taxable. Therefore, knowledge and organization are the key factors in case of tax preparation. There is no substitute for the services of a CPA firm.


Bookkeeping is a method by means of which relatively small firms and business organizations record their financial activities. Keeping your accounts updated is very necessary in order to know in advance roughly how much tax you have to pay. An efficient bookkeeping system ensures a steady cash flow and a sound knowledge of profit and loss for the business owner. Also, many government tax agencies require you to have an accurate bookkeeping record. For example, the Internal Revenue Service in the US needs businessmen to keep complete and accurate financial reports. If you are unable to provide it or if there is any inaccuracy in the information you provide, you may end up paying a large fine at tax time.


Auditing is an evolution either by an internal audit department or by an independent reviewer to ascertain the financial position of a large organization. Today, auditing is requested by many creditors or investors who want to verify the financial position of a company prior to investing a large amount of money into it. Auditing is an elaborate process, as an auditor needs to find out if the financial statements presented by the organization are authentic and logical. Auditing is a part of the financial evolution of an organization, which also helps for tax preparation.